Delphinium Twinkle

21 Jan

Are you familiar with Kevin Henkes books? Here’s a link: 

He writes absolutely fabulous books for the 4-6 year old.  He understands their way of thinking, and I find his books sweet and often quite funny.  In the book Chrysanthemum there is a teacher by the name of Delphinium Twinkle.  I love the name!  The children in the story just adore her, and change their ways because of her.  I aspire to be Delphinium Twinkle.  I want my students to love me so much that they’ll behave and listen to everything I have to say.  Plus Mrs. Twinkle, is sparkly and “something out of a dream” to quote the book.  Who doesn’t want to be like that?

Am I delusional or what? 

I do so enjoy being a “sparkly” teacher.  I wear jewelry to work and I dress nicely.  The girls love that.  I run around, play tag, hide and seek, and do silly things.  The boys and girls love when I play.  The kids like how I push them on the swings (One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready and go, “Suzy”, go!), pull them on the wagon, and they like my silly songs, my silly faces and my very silly jokes.  That’s what I love about being a teacher.  I’m nurturing my inner 4 year old.

Do they adore me?  Oh, I don’t know.  I like to think that they do.  I know there are the children who don’t enjoy me, because while I’m sparkly, I’m also a teacher.  I can be “Mean Ol’ Mrs. V” when I have to be. 

I respect my students in hopes that they will respect me.  I do expect my students to follow the rules, and I try hard to model for them.  I think they trust me which is a great thing.  By the end of the school year we have formed into a lovely “family.”  Even with the most difficult groups of students this happens.  I teach about 40 children every school year.  (20 in the morning, 20 in the afternoon.)  I learn not only their names, but their likes/dislikes.  I really do get to know them, which is the best part of my job.

I don’t do this by myself though.  I’ve got a great supportive group of parents, a wonderful director, and my indispensible, incredibly wonderful, and terrific teacher herself, my assistant Mrs. K who make my job infinitely easier.

Life Lesson:  Be a good role model.  Even if your name isn’t Delphinium Twinkle, you can make a difference in someone’s life.

That’s it for now.

 Mrs. V


2 Responses to “Delphinium Twinkle”

  1. Mary T January 22, 2008 at 8:15 am #

    Angie: Love your blog. My girls loved their sparkly teachers! Kilian had a techer two years ago who was all about COLOR. If she wore red, she was all red, from head to toe, including all her jewelry. He thought that was the best. She sure kept their attention. I loved reading Chrysanthemum to my kids, think I’ll pull it out and read it to Kilian tonight!

  2. Julie January 22, 2008 at 10:14 am #

    You have more patience than I do.

    One year I “volunteered” to help with the children’s Christmas pageant at church… There were quite a few of the kids who DROVE ME BATTY with their disrespectful, disobedient ways. By the time the pageant was put on, I was a mess! I vowed NEVER to do that again. (If it wasn’t the kids, it was the parents too… Who were convinced their kid could do no wrong. Ack!) … I am quite happy to stay with my four! *lol*

    Hats off to you!

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