Feeling Germy.

29 Feb

UGH!  I’m sick.  With what, I don’t know.  But I feel like crud.  Total and complete crud.  I made it through work today, because I wasn’t feeling too awful this morning.  But now I want to crawl under my blankets and remain there until spring or until I feel better.  Whichever comes first. 

So I’ll try and get back to blogging this weekend.  Before I do that though, I’d like my mind to not feel like mud, and my body to stop feeling like it’s been hit by a truck. 


Mrs. V

Sidenote:  The school pictures came back today (already, wow!), and I don’t look too scary, but the kids, oh my, they are adorable.  I wish I could post them, but there’s the whole privacy issue thing.


2 Responses to “Feeling Germy.”

  1. Julie March 3, 2008 at 4:15 pm #

    Hope you feel better soon!!!!


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