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100 Random Thoughts and Facts

10 Aug

1. Yay me! This is my 100th post.
2. I return to teaching preschool in 10 days.
3. I will be starting my 7th year of teaching preschool.
4. I will be 39 in 57 days. Which means I’ll be 40 in 422 days. Give or take a few, since the record shows that my math sucks after 9 p.m.
5. I saw Jeff Dunham live last night. My jaw still aches from laughing so hard!  He’s a ventriloquist and my favorite puppet is Peanut.  Be forewarned: Not for children, completely politically incorrect, and not for those easily offended. You may come to the conclusion that I have a terrible sense of humor. Look him up on youtube. If you dare.
6. I’m on page 301 of Dr. Zhivago.  That means I have 258 pages left to go. I wonder if I will be done with it by August 21st.
7. I’m considering going back to school. Am I crazy?
8. I have not picked up a paintbrush since staining my deck. That is almost a month ago. I still plan to paint my foyer.
9. Midwest Airlines was kind enough to refund my money. The other day I received a credit card offer from them. Idiots.
10. My top post of all time is this cartoon. I have a feeling that too many teachers feel the way I do.
11. An answer to those who inquire “Do birds have feathers?” “Do birds have fur?” “Do penguins have fur or feathers?” I ask you to read this. Thank you.
12. For those of you who are searching for answers, this post may be about bicycle riding crashing, but it does not contain all the lyrics to Queen’s bicycle song. Sorry.
13. Gee, I only have to think of 87 more things.
14. I took a 2 hour nap today. I don’t usually nap, but when I do, it makes me very happy.
15. I’m going to Disney World soon. I can’t wait. It’ll be my 6th time. I love Disney.
16. I bought a pair of shorts this past week for $1.79. I love bargains.
17. I bought a skirt and a shirt for $58. That wasn’t a bargain, but I look pretty in it.
18. I need to dye my hair again.Can’t have the blonde moments, without the blonde.
19. I still enjoy my Quiescently Frozen Dairy Confections. I really do need to write that company.
20. I have 44 nametags to make for my preschoolers. Anyone want to come help cut, glue and laminate?
21. I actually have quite a bit of cutting to do before the 21st of August. Anyone is welcome to come and help.
22. I’ve been blogging for 7 months on August 19th. At the rate I’m going, I’ll have 101 posts by then.
23. I’m the oldest of 3 girls. We had one bathroom and it doubled as a phone booth.
24. I’d rather wash dishes than dry them.
25. The only bones I’ve ever broken are the little toes on both of my feet. One of them I broke twice. I’m a klutz.
26. I was a cheerleader in high school. I was an alternate and made the team, because someone got pregnant.
27. I played flute, piccolo, tenor sax, and percussion in the school band. Piccolo was my best instrument.  I also can play the piano.
28. I ran cross country in high school, because a friend and I had a bet. Also, the track coach was pretty cute.
29. I met my husband the first week of college when I yelled out my dorm window.
30. I told my mother I was just dating him, and I wasn’t going to marry him. That was almost 21 years ago.
31. He told his mother we met at a dance.
32. I learned to drive stick with a Chevy Chevette. It was two tone orange. I haven’t driven a stick shift in 10 years.
33. I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease in May of 2003.
34. I drank radioactive iodine in June of 2003. That is some weird stuff, and it basically turns off your thyroid.
35. I’ve been synthroid-dependent since August of 2003.
36. You can learn more about this health issue here.  If you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself, please get a competant doctor and a thyroid test.
37. I’m a Packer fan. I used to admire Brett Favre.
38. I admit it. I don’t like baseball. **yawn**
39. I cannot play chess.
40. I can’t play poker either.
41. I can play checkers, dominoes, bananagrams, and a mean game of “Go Fish.”
42. On my grandparent’s farm, I filled cow tanks, picked rocks in the fields, weeded gardens, picked up apples and sticks, put up hay, butchered chickens, and followed my grandfather whenever I could.
43. I didn’t follow him in the chicken coop. Those chickens scared me.
44. I grew up drinking unpasteurized whole milk. It was good.
45. I knew where our produce, milk, eggs and meat came from, and it wasn’t the grocery store.
46. I wish my children could have the same experiences I did as a child.
47. I remember being excited about Saturday morning cartoons. Looney Tunes was one of my favorites. My dad would sometimes watch it with me.
48. The first record I bought was Working Class Dog from Rick Springfield. It was in October 1981.
49. I have “Jessie’s Girl” and “I’ve Done Everything for You” on my iPod, and I’m admitting that for all the world to see.
50. It embarrasses my daughter when I sing either of those songs into my curling iron.
50. I was in love with Rick Springfield until I figured out that he was older than my dad. That totally ruined the illusion for me.
51. I really need to start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier.
52. It’s now almost 11 p.m. I don’t think I’ll get to bed early tonight.
53. Hey, I only have to think of 47 more things.
54. I’m a really good cook.  I can cook (and eat) a rainbow.
55. My best dishes are: linguine and clam sauce, farfalle and sausage with vegetables, soups of all kinds, baked chicken and mashed potatoes, swedish meatballs, spaghetti, tacos, chicken enchiladas, and homemade pizza.
56. At least that is what my children tell me.
57. My husband likes that I am a good cook.
58. I’m also good at baking.
59. I like to bake cookies and bread.
60. I try not too though, because then I eat what I bake. Not good for the waistline.
61. I’m not a good housekeeper.
62. That is why I had children. They are very good at dusting.
63. I’m the Oscar to my husband’s Felix. If you do not understand that reference you need to read this.
64. I need my own office, because of number 63.
65. My husband is a very patient man.
66. I love shoes.
67. I own over 40 pairs.
68. My favorite shoes are a pair of red and white striped dress shoes.
69. I’ve been known to buy shoes, then buy an outfit to match.
70. I also love purses.
71. I do not have 40 purses.
72. I probably only have 10 purses.
73. Sweaters are a weakness also.
74. I’m not a shop-a-holic.
75. I’m a bargain-a-holic. See number 16.
76. I once had a friend tell me that “they’re not going to give them to you for free,” when I was hesitating to buy some really nice curtains that were 75% off. See number 75. I did buy the curtains.
77. I clip coupons, and if I lose one or if one that I want to use is expired, I don’t take it well.
78. Last week I saved $15.35 at the store, because of number 77.
79. I’ve been known to say “wait, I have a coupon” when my friends want to purchase something.
80. I have terrific friends. My life would not be the same without them.
81. It is now 11:15 p.m. and I have to think of 19 more things. I definitely won’t be going to bed early tonight.
82. I can’t believe summer is almost over.
83. I’m excited and nervous about the start of the new school year.
84. Elmer the Elephant is still my theme for the coming school year.
85. My office is a patchwork of plaid because of Elmer, and I love it.
86. I will have to start writing newsletters and calendars again.
87. That is not my favorite part of my job as a teacher.
88. I hope that both of my groups of students are wonderful, cooperative and eager to learn.
89. I’m sure I’ll have a playdough eater or two.
90. I won’t have as much time to blog when September rolls around.
91. I do hope I’ll have more interesting material though.
92. I’ve really enjoyed this blogging adventure.
93. Thank you to all of you who stop by and read my posts. Especially this one.
94. Feel free to make yourselves known. Don’t be shy!
95. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many new friends out there in the “blogging world.”
96. I promise I’ll read your blogs and get caught up tomorrow.
97. It is now almost 11:30 p.m.
98. And I’m sure you are all tired of reading this post.
99. Have you all come to the conclusion that I have no rhyme or reason to my thoughts?
100. I should go to bed. Good night!

Mrs. V