On your marks… Get set…

21 Aug


The race is on. Today was set-up day at preschool. Since the preschool I teach at rents space from a church (we are not affiliated with the congregation), we have to unpack and set-up our classroom spaces. Except that it could not all be set up today, because the church has decided to have a rummage sale this weekend, and get the carpets cleaned on Monday. This presents a problem with our removing all of our things from storage.  Someday I’ll post about the set-up and take-down we have to do every Monday and Friday, and what it is like to have a preschool in a rented space.

We did have our staff orientation and get bulletin boards put up and quite a few key things accomplished, but the set-up is still incomplete. Which means I have to go into work on Tuesday to finish setting up, and to have things in place for orientation on Wednesday. I feel a little disorganized, but it will get done. I finally got my class lists today, and I found out that both of my classes are full. Hooray! Now I just am hoping the families get ALL of the paperwork turned in.

Monday I have my CPR recertification. (Rescucie Annie, Rescucie Annie are you okay?!?) Nothing I like more than breathing life back into a dummy. Excitement to its fullest. Can’t wait.

Mrs. V


One Response to “On your marks… Get set…”

  1. Julie August 21, 2008 at 10:34 pm #

    It must be a bit annoying to have to take things down every Friday, and put them back up on Monday… Maybe someday you’ll have your own building.

    Good luck on the new school year!

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