The Lists

30 Aug

The week before the new school year begins, I receive my very important class lists.  These lists contain the names of my 20 students in the morning, and my 20 students in the afternoon, give or take a few, depending upon enrollment. 

While some of the names are familiar because they are repeat students or repeat families, most of the names are completely new to me.

I hold my lists in my hands and look closely at the names and try to picture what these children might look like, how they might act or how I will ever learn to pronounce or even spell their names.

The lists are a clean slate for me.  These classes will create a unique story for this school year.  I relish this thought.

Then it’s almost a dreamy, blissful, wishful state of mind that I enter. 

It will be a great year, these children will line up, they will sit for group, they will be brilliant, they will be kind to one another and they will, of course, adore me. 

I will remember their parents names, their siblings names, and what part of town they live in. 

I will have the best preschool year yet!

I enjoy that feeling of hopefulness.  I am, after all, an optimist.

Those lists make me feel like I am actually holding a great school year in the palm of my hand.

Let the new school year begin!

Mrs. V

One Response to “The Lists”

  1. Julie at 3:35 pm #

    Always the optimist. 🙂

    Hope you have an awesome school year!

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