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Oh, Hello November…

3 Nov

November Calendar

Thank goodness October is now just a hazy memory of H1N1, fevers, pneumonia, pleurisy, ER and doctor visits, chest x-rays and heavy duty antibiotics. 

Remember that full-on sneeze I was a recipient of?  It brought H1N1 into my house.  The H1N1 gave my otherwise very healthy 11 year old daughter a nasty case of pneumonia.

Obviously I have not had much time to spend blogging.

October is best forgotten anyway, I think.

How has November begun?

One word:  CHAOS

Halloween, time change, full moon and preschool are not a good mix.

I have conferences starting next week.

I have 40 “report cards” to fill out this weekend.

I may have to brush up on my teacher code if the chaos in what was once a rather orderly classroom does not subside.


Mrs. V

Has Spring Sprung?

21 Mar

didi birds

Judging by the birds, the sun and the rainbow, I’d say my little friend who drew this for me  believes that spring has returned once again.

I hate to get my hopes up too high, since Mother Nature has fooled me more than once or twice in the past.  However, we’ve enjoyed a week of beautiful spring weather, and the snow has disappeared.  The birds are singing their spring songs, and the grass is daring to turn green.  It feels good to be outside again.  **sigh of contentment** 

Other signs of spring:

1.  My conferences with parents are completed, except for 2 students, and I’ll get those ones done in due time.  For the most part, I feel the conferences went well.  I only had 3 pages of forms per student, instead of the anticipated 4, so the 120 pages are now a distant memory.  I only have 2 months left with these 40 wonderful children and I plan to make the most of it.

2.  My son had his thirteenth birthday, and so far has not turned into a scary human being, and I find that comforting.  I even survived his sleepover birthday party.  Granted it was only three of his friends, but the thought of having four 13 year old boys in my house, at the same time, all night long, scared terrified me.  I handle 4 and 5 year old children so much better than teenagers.

3.  My windows are open, my windows are open, my windows are open!!

4.  My children actually want to go outside and stay outside.  The sound of all the kids playing on our cul-de-sac is music to my ears.

5. The singing of these two Barney songs in my classroom every school day.   The director and the secretary at the preschool can hear both of my classes singing these songs at the TOP of their little lungs.

Oh, and Barney is cool.  Don’t let my sister, RC tell you otherwise.

The Green Grass Grows All Around

And they love, love, LOVE to sing this one.  This is the one they sing the loudest.

If All the Raindrops

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that Spring may have arrived.  I’ll probably still believe it even if I’m buried under 2 feet of snow.

Happy Spring,
Mrs. V

P.S. Isn’t youtube a wonderful thing?

“And guess what teacher…”

12 Mar

preschool drawing

“…He’s not wearing any underwear!”  ~preschool student age 5

Really?  I hadn’t noticed.

Are you laughing as hard as I did? (Of course the laughter came when the child was no longer present.)

And I’ll have to keep a straight face while handing this picture to the child’s parents at conferences.  **giggle**


Mrs. V ~ Going back to my paperwork now.

Is there paperwork to take a Blog-cation?

1 Mar

Because… I don’t need anymore paperwork to fill out right now, thankyouverymuch. 

I’m getting ready to fill out 3-4 pages per student of paperwork for my preschoolers.  At my last calculation 3 x 40= 120 and 4 x 40 = 160.  120-160 pages of paperwork.  I’ll know exactly how many pages I’ll need to fill out as soon as I receive that last form I’m waiting for from the school district, and I’m pretty sure it will be a 2 page form, not a 1 page form.


I need to sort through all of my assessments and observations to fill out those 160 pages of paperwork.  Have I ever mentioned how disorganized I tend to be?  Thankfully, everything is in one spot and actually in some form of organization, but I really need to figure out how I’m going to sift through all of the information to figure out EXACTLY what I need or want to know, and what the readers of the paperwork need or want to know about my preschoolers. 

I’m using a new approach of assessment with preschoolers, which is  a combination of The Work Sampling System, Early Childhood Indicators of Progress, and Creative Curriculum for Preschoolers.  The assessments are supposed to be informal, more from observations and work sampling than from direct testing.  It seems like I’m stumbling around in the dark.  I like the idea of this form of assessment, but it is a new way of doing things for our school and for me.

So right now I feel a bit disorganized.  I need to have it all together by March 16th, when I start conferences with the parents of my students.

I’m sure I will have it all together by then, and the 160 pages will be a distant memory.  Conferences will go well and all parents will attend at their scheduled time.  Do I sound delusional?  It just may be what gets me through the next two weeks.

Needless to say I will be occupied for awhile.  So I guess that means I am officially on a blog-cation.

I’ll be back when the paperwork storm clears.

Mrs. V

Ripped from the Headlines…

26 Feb

Bumble Legally Changes Name to Larry Boy

Bumble declares “You can’t do this to me!  I am Larry Boy!”  Teacher decides that she can and she will, so she did.  (Larry Boy of Veggie Tales declined to comment on the situation.)

Parents Shocked at Teacher’s Choices

Children are placed in parents’ vehicles sopping wet after teachers recklessly allow their students to splash repeatedly in giant mud puddles in play yard!  Teachers were seen laughing as children sat, slid and jumped in puddles.  What will they allow the children to do next?

Sharp Decline in Teacher Gifts is Expected this  School Year

Several issues, including several puddle incidents, may cause parents to reevaluate what funds may be available at the end of the school year to purchase teacher gifts.

Tinfoil:  This Season’s New Accessory

Traveling to outer space?  In need of a fashionable helmet, but short on cash?   Be budget wise and wrap that old construction helmet in tinfoil.  Strategically place NASA and flag stickers and you are ready to fly!  Don’t forget your goggles.

Conferences are Set for Mid-March

Teacher promises to be completely honest with all parents this year.   (Teacher respectfully declined to take a lie detector test.)

Play Dough! Toy or Snack?

Child tries a taste of play dough after witnessing a friend have a bit for a snack.  Child decides that play dough may make a better toy than snack and spits the bite into a kleenex. 

The Thinker’s Thoughts

The Thinker is currently still in discussion with teachers and is considering upgrading to The Talker.  The teachers are hopeful that talks are going in the right direction.

Classroom Noise Level Escalates

Teacher considers use of earplugs to block the noise created by the adults visiting and evaluating the classroom while she is trying to teach. 

Debate:  Should Velcro be Illegal?

After several irritating group sessions in which velcro was abused, the Teacher feels that velcro, especially on shoes, should be considered an illegal substance in the classroom setting.

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