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Irony, Preschool Style

18 Sep

During the first two weeks of preschool we really emphasize the importance of proper hand washing. 

We read the book Those Mean Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting but…Invisible Germs by Judith Anne Rice.  This is a wonderful book with great illustrations on what an earache germ, a headache germ, a sore throat germ, a fever germ and the most downright disgustingest germ of all, the throw up germ, just might look like.  Rosa, the smart little girl in the book, knows how to get rid of those terrible germs and she sends them whirling, twirling down the drain.  We read this book over and over again. 

We practice coughing and sneezing into our elbow.  We show how germs spread by using glitter and shaking hands.  We talk about the proper steps for hand washing.  You know the drill… wet, soap, scrub (sing a little song), rinse and dry.  We are even growing germy bread for a science experiment. 

What is germy bread?  It’s a slice of bread (preferably one that doesn’t have preservatives) which everyone in the class touches with their dirty, moist little hands.  Gross, right?  Wait a week, and then you can be completely downright disgusted by those not-so invisible germs.

We should have those germs well under control, right? 


Except that I’m the one who now has the sore throat germ, the headache germ, and the earache germ.   

Irony, preschool style.

Mrs. V

On Monday, I will not be surprised if I get asked by a student if I forgot to wash my hands.


Oh, Hello November…

3 Nov

November Calendar

Thank goodness October is now just a hazy memory of H1N1, fevers, pneumonia, pleurisy, ER and doctor visits, chest x-rays and heavy duty antibiotics. 

Remember that full-on sneeze I was a recipient of?  It brought H1N1 into my house.  The H1N1 gave my otherwise very healthy 11 year old daughter a nasty case of pneumonia.

Obviously I have not had much time to spend blogging.

October is best forgotten anyway, I think.

How has November begun?

One word:  CHAOS

Halloween, time change, full moon and preschool are not a good mix.

I have conferences starting next week.

I have 40 “report cards” to fill out this weekend.

I may have to brush up on my teacher code if the chaos in what was once a rather orderly classroom does not subside.


Mrs. V

Because I have a strange sense of humor

23 Nov

Oh, I love Sesame Street, but I also love dark humor. And this cartoon hit my funny bone just right.

It’s sad, sick, and even downright disturbing. 

Does this change your opinion of me?

Mrs. V

Who is spending way too much time on the computer today, but my December newsletter and calendar are done!  Another reason to smile.

Edited 11-24-08 to add:  Please check out Life is Funny Wearing Purple Colored Glasses. I like it when I find people who have the same sense of humor as me! I love reading her blog, go and check it out!  I did not realize I had posted the same cartoon as she did, because I am so far behind in my blog readings.  That’ll teach me!

And the “I told you so” award goes to…

5 Mar

My playdough eater in my afternoon class. 

On Monday this student ate playdough, off the floor, again, for the bazillionth time.  **sigh**  And I said, again, for the bazillionth and a half time,”don’t eat the playdough off the floor, it can make you sick.”  This student had the nerve to continue to eat the playdough while I was talking to her.  AAAARGH!  Guess who wasn’t at school today?  Guess who has the latest petri dish virus that is making the rounds in our classroom?  Guess who will probably eat the playdough off the floor when he/she returns to school? 

I so want to say “I told you so.”  However, I won’t.  At least not out loud. 

In other news:

I have recovered from the lastest creepy crud.  Thank goodness.  Now my poor husband has it.  I feel bad for him.  It’s miserable, to say the least.

Oh, and no, I did not eat the playdough. 

Mrs. V

Please don’t wipe your nose on my clothes.

28 Jan

Just consider this part two of yesterday’s blog.

I think it was 4 years ago I had a student who liked to wipe her runny nose on just about anything, and it started to include the teachers’ shirts.  At first we didn’t realize what she was doing, but we caught on very quickly.  Then the fateful day came when she wiped her green gooey nose on the back of my sweater.  UGH!  Thanks kiddo…

And my response was “please don’t wipe your nose on my clothes.”  (I actually refrained from using the favored preschool term “boogers” and I am amazed.)  What did my runny-nose munchkin sized student do?  She giggled, saw it as a game and repeatedly tried to use me as her personal giant sized tissue for the rest of the day.  How many times is a person expected to say “use a kleenex” in one day?

I really do work in a petri dish, and this petri dish has live organisms that have sticky hands, fast feet, and runny noses.  I don’t stand a chance, do I?

Mrs. V