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Oh, Hello November…

3 Nov

November Calendar

Thank goodness October is now just a hazy memory of H1N1, fevers, pneumonia, pleurisy, ER and doctor visits, chest x-rays and heavy duty antibiotics. 

Remember that full-on sneeze I was a recipient of?  It brought H1N1 into my house.  The H1N1 gave my otherwise very healthy 11 year old daughter a nasty case of pneumonia.

Obviously I have not had much time to spend blogging.

October is best forgotten anyway, I think.

How has November begun?

One word:  CHAOS

Halloween, time change, full moon and preschool are not a good mix.

I have conferences starting next week.

I have 40 “report cards” to fill out this weekend.

I may have to brush up on my teacher code if the chaos in what was once a rather orderly classroom does not subside.


Mrs. V



28 May

This sign should be parked in front of my child’s school.

So why am I annoyed?  My phone calls to people I need to speak to have not been returned, and my email has been ignored.  Am I that hard to track down?  Are people scared of me?  Are they hoping that if they ignore me, I will eventually stop bothering them?  Are they hoping that by not talking to me the problem will just go away?

As each day passes my frustration grows, and I find that I am running out of patience.  For the record, this issue has been going on for over a month now, so I feel I have been more than patient. 

I understand that the school has 1100 students.  (Don’t get me started on that number.)  I know our problems may seem small and petty to those who run the school.  However, the school did promise at orientation that they would take care of my child, and my child is safe in their environment.  I’m seriously beginning to doubt this statement.  If I can’t get the school to pay attention to a small problem, how can I have confidence that they can handle a huge problem?

I’m torn.  The momma bear in me is just roaring with anger, but the teacher in me is trying to stay calm.  I’m trying to remember that schools are very busy places, especially schools with 1100 adolescents/teens within those 4 walls.  I just can’t figure out why communicating with me is so difficult. 

As an educator, I know how hard it is to return phone calls and emails.  Yet, I try my best to take care of those things as quickly as possible.  If I don’t know the answer I promise to find it for the parents, and I get back to them in a timely manner.  I also will apologize if I miss or forget something or someone and I try to rectify the situation as soon as possible.  Is it too much for me to expect the same from my child’s educators and administration?

I realize my son is just one of 1100 students.  I get that.  However, this is my child.  I had given my trust to this school to take care of him, and they are expecting me to trust them to take care of my daughter too.  I don’t think I can trust this environment right now.

Can you understand why I am so annoyed?  (and frustrated, angry, worried, scared, defeated…)

Mrs. V 

They’ve put boogers in my cereal, haven’t they?

Cat puke in my shoe

2 Feb

shoes[1]At the beginning of last week, my cat George hurled in a shoe that is from my current favorite pair. Not on, not next too, but actually in my shoe.  He’s always had a bit of a shoe fetish, and it’s my own fault for leaving it on the rug in the foyer, but he’s never done that before.   Hairballs are gross, but hairballs in my shoes are completely disgusting.

The rest of my week went downhill from there.  I won’t go into the gory details, it was just one of those weeks that I’d rather not dwell on.

The week ended well though, because  I’ve discovered the healing effects of Pilate’s and aqua-massage.  I’m going to like this health club membership thing. 

This week has started without any barfing in my shoes, since George has thankfully confined his gifts to other areas of the house.  I’m hoping this is an indication that life might return to normal.

My shoes will be fine.  Thank goodness. 

Mrs. V

cat puke in my shoe

humorous life annoyance

present unwanted

Hope your Halloween is Boo-tiful!

30 Oct

Thankfully we are “allowed” to celebrate Halloween at the preschool where I teach, and we love to celebrate Halloween at my house too.

So this is my agenda for tomorrrow:

1. For the first time in all of my 39 years, I am dressing up as a princess. I found a 60’s bridesmaid dress in swiss dot fabric and a beautiful buttercup yellow at a resale shop for $5. I have a tiara, gloves and shoes.  Forget princess, I’ll be a queen.  **evil laugh**  I’ll post pictures in a few days.

2. My students have the option of wearing costumes to school. This is the part I love. They are so excited about their costumes!

3. We are having a costume parade and singing a couple of songs for the parents. This is the part the parents love.

4. We are taking a walking field trip across the street to the nursing home to wish the residents there a “Happy Halloween.” 

5. We will return to school, sing Halloween songs, have popcorn, watch a short movie(Curious George and the Costume Shop), and I will read a couple of Halloween stories. We might even have time for games.

6. We will repeat this with the afternoon class. At 3:15 we will be exhausted and have to do our Friday take down (we rent space in a church.) I hope to be on the way home by 4:30.

7. I will feed my children supper and take them trick or treating with friends. I will wear my costume, much to my children’s dismay. **hee-hee** My daughter is going as a hippie, my son will be a crazy tourist. My husband will hand out candy.

8. We will celebrate Mr. V’s 40th Birthday in a very low key way. That’s right. My husband turns 40 tomorrow. On a Friday. On Halloween. And he does NOT want a party. It screams party to me, but it is not my birthday, is it? So a quiet birthday it will be. **sigh**

9. We will get the children home and in bed.

10. We will sleep soundly, or at least I know I will.

Happy Hauntings!
Mrs. V

Hey Teacher! You’re back!

22 Oct

Yes, indeed I am back. 

Where was I? 

At the Happiest Place on Earth, of course!

It was just what the doctor ordered for bringing the fun and joy back into my life. 

The Happiest Place on Earth!

The Happiest Place on Earth!

And today I was back to reality. Back to work. And you know what? They missed me! Each and every one of my 40 little friends actually missed me. (Okay, really it was only 38, since 2 were out sick today, but I will assume those two missed me also.) I was the happy recipient of hugs, conversation, and the “I can’t believe you’re finally back” grins and stares. It is very rewarding for my teacher ego. A pat on the back, I guess you could say.  Everything went well while I was gone, which is terrific, but it feels good to be welcomed back with open arms.  Bless those little preschoolers.  I missed them too!

I spent yesterday unpacking, grocery shopping, and trying to bring general order back into my life.  My children went back to school, but they weren’t so keen on the idea.  My son is going through some heavy Disney withdrawl, which includes missing the presence of Grandma, Grandpa and his youngest cousin.  The “Disney Crash”, as I like to call it, is a harsh wake-up call back to reality. My daughter has done fairly well with it, but that is because she’s back into her social network, the place that most people might refer to as school.

We spent 6 days and 6 nights in Disney bliss.  And yes, we went to the parks each of those 6 days!  I rode roller coasters, fast rides, slow rides, and rides in between.  I rode myself into vertigo.  Seriously.  My ears are screwed up.  The airplane rides didn’t help with that either.  But I just love rides.  Lots and lots of rides. 

Space Mountain and a full moon.  Perfection.

Space Mountain and a full moon. Perfection.

The company was pleasant, and included my younger sister, her hubby and of course their son, my brother-in-law’s nephew, my youngest sister, and of course my folks who were the generous host and hostess of this family oriented vacation.  We came away still liking each other, and most importantly, still speaking to one another.   Thanks Mom and Dad.  We had a blast!

Hey, hey, the gang's all here!

Hey, hey, the gang is all here!

The food was awesome.  It is a good thing that you have to walk your feet off there.  Otherwise my pants would not have fit upon my return to reality.

The weather was warm, bordering on hot and humid too.  However, I did not care.  I was in Disney World!  It doesn’t get much better than that. 

Yes, I know,  some people despise Disney because they think it is too big, too crowded, or too expensive.  But they can’t burst my bubble.  I love Disney.  I’ve been there 6 times.  My folks have been there 29 times.  I don’t know how many times my younger sisters have been there.  My youngest sister actually worked there while she was in college.  So you’re looking at some hard-core Disney people.  Negativity will not be accepted here. 

Sure, I got hot, I got tired, I got cranky and so did the family.  But then someone smiles at you and tells you to “Have a magical evening, and thank you for your business.”  My crankiness just disappears.  Sometimes, I wish real life was like that. 

So while I could go on and on and on about my wonderful vacation, I’ll stop there.

I think it is good to be home. 

Mrs. V