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Monday Merriment

13 Apr


Classroom Conversation:

Teacher: “Please put on your jacket, so we can go on our field trip.”

Child: “I don’t have a jacket.”

Teacher (observing child’s short sleeves on this chilly spring day): “Really?  Let’s go check your cubby.”

Child: “Teacher, I don’t have a jacket, I have a coat.

Teacher subdues the urge to roll her eyes or bang her head, and chooses to giggle an internal giggle. 

I honestly did not see that one coming. 

Fire Station Field Trip:


I love the smell of testosterone in the morning.  Oh, did I just type that?  Oops…  I also meant to add “and in the afternoon.”  There that’s better.

The firefighters really were quite handsome very kind and helpful with my two groups of students.  The children loved visiting the station and being able to see where these community helpers eat, sleep, slide down fire poles and of course do their important work.  My students were allowed to touch things, climb through the firetrucks and see the firefighters in their turn-out gear.  Way cool.  Especially since these gorgeous generous men allowed me to ogle them bring both groups of my students to visit them today!  This means they gave the tour twice.  They are more than community helpers, they are community heroes.   They have my heartfelt thanks.

Jelly Bean High:


My lovely younger sister purchased jelly beans for me as a little Easter gift. These aren’t just any jelly beans but a product called Green Beans. I haven’t been able to have jelly beans for years, since I have a strong physical reaction to food dyes (Red #40, Yellows #5 and #6). Since I don’t particularly like having hives or swollen lips and eyes, I made the decision to go  food coloring free many years ago. I’ve been slowly discovering foods made with natural colors that I can eat. These “Green Beans” are the best. Fruit-flavored chewy heaven that is definitely worth the negative effects of a sugar high, without the unwanted excitement of an allergic reaction. 

I really enjoyed my Monday.

Mrs. V


Pancake-monium or p.j.-monium or…

23 Feb

Maybe I should title this post Preschoolers in Pajamas eating Pancakes Producing Pandemonium.  Too long?  Too much alliteration? 

I like alliteration.

That is one of the reasons why last Friday was Pancakes and Pajama Day at Preschool.  Another reason is that it is just plain fun, and breaks up the winter doldrums.  Read on…


It was pajama day, so yes, I wore pajamas.  Would you expect anything else from me?  Guess what kind they were.


Give up already?

I wore Frosty the Snowman PJs that I bought on clearance at WalMart for$4!  I love a bargain. 

I also love getting a reaction from the children.  “You’re wearing pajamas?!?”  “Hey, you’re wearing pajamas!”  Which I responded to with a shocked “I am?  Oh, my goodness, I forgot to get dressed!”   “You’re silly Mrs. V.”  “I like your pajamas.”

Yes, I’m a sucker for adoration from 4 and 5 year olds.  I do not deny this fact at all.  It is yet another reason I am a preschool teacher.

The children wore pajamas too.  I had a parent comment how our classroom looked like a giant pajama/sleep over party.  It did!  We were all warm and fuzzy, and the children even suggested a sleepover.

Bless their little hearts. 

I may be crazy, but I am not insane!

At group time I asked my star helper (I’ll call the child Princess), “Princess do you know what day it is?”  Princess replies “Pancake Day!!!”  Then I tell the class we’re going to figure out what number our day is so I start to count “15, 16, 17, 18, 19….”  Since I was expecting to hear “20”, I was a little startled when Princess shouted “Pancake Day!!!”  (Again…) Of course the whole class was excited because they too forgot all about the number 20.

We read Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle.  “Let’s make a pancake!”  It’s a great story, especially in the big book size.

We played a pancake counting game, twice.  They wanted to play it some more, but time always seems to run out on our very busy day.

I told the story The Runaway Pancake , and I did this using plastic people and animals and a pancake stick puppet.  It doesn’t sound like much, but my little pajama-clad friends were enthralled by the story.   “And the Pancake Man rolled on…”   I must be a good story teller, because they really got caught up in the story.  Overheard at the end of the story “It’s not real!!!”  When I ended with a  “snip, snap, snup, he ate the pancake man up!”    Oops… I must’ve gotten a little excited myself.   

Wonderful parent volunteers came in and helped make and serve the pancakes.  So I did not have to do any cooking this year.  I love it when parents are able to come in and help with a special event like this.  What a difference it makes in our day.

Before we have snack, we do a little poem and the children clap their hands or roll their hands or do both.  The star helper, Princess again, gets to make that choice.  So I asked  “Princess, what would you like… rolls, claps or both?”  Princess replies “Pancakes!”  Pancake fever had set in completely by that time, judging from the reaction from the entire class. 

The children used real plates and silverware to eat their pancakes.  They “washed”  the dishes after they were finished eating their piles of pancakes.  This is also our little way of washing off those sticky hands.   Of course,  my amazing parent volunteers thankfully rewashed and sanitized the dishes.   

The whole room smelled of imitation maple syrup . 

I love it when a day goes as planned.

Then we put on our snowpants and coats and went out to play in the snow in our pajamas.

Mrs. V

Defining a Frozen Fudge Bar

6 May

Today I bought a box of storebrand frozen fudge bars for my snacking pleasure.  I must say they are delicious.  As I was slurping one down I read the box, which is what I frequently do with the food that I prepare or eat.  Under the bold heading of “12 Fudge Bars” it said “A Quiescently Frozen Dairy Confection”.

What?  Quiescently?  Really?

Now, I may just teach preschool, and maybe I’m a little on the “blonde” side of things some days, but that statement made absolutely no sense at all.  So, being a teacher I grabbed my trusty dictionary and thesaurus

Definition of Quiescently: adj.  inert, inactive, dormant, quiet, sluggish

So in a sense I guess it could be correct, since fudge bars aren’t known for their activity.  It is also true that fudge bars are frozen, so that may be why it’s a sluggish dairy confection.  I’ve also never heard a fudge bar talk.  Fudge bars are indeed motionless, unless being moved by something else, so I might agree with it being an inert dairy confection.  However, I’ve never known that a fudge bar could sleep, or possibly be waiting to develop into something bigger and better like a fudge brick on a stick.  Could the 12 fudge bars truly be a “A Quiescently Frozen Dairy Confection?”   Is it possible?

Although I do wonder if they meant to say “A Quintessential Frozen Dairy Confection?”

Nah, it couldn’t be.  I must have it all wrong.  Fudge bars aren’t a classic, ideal, typical or standard frozen dairy confection at all, are they?

Something to chew on besides a fudge bar, perhaps.

Mrs. V

Springy Sunday

20 Apr

Spring has finally sprung where I live.  The skies are blue and sunny today, and I plan to enjoy them as much as possible! 

So before I go outside to play I will leave you with a poem I wrote, to try and dispel myself of any of my remaining “winter blues.”  Don’t expect too much though, since I’m not really poet, and boy don’t I know it.  **snicker**

Weighty Winter Worries

I don’t believe the numbers that I see on my scale,

I’ve started to feel like a bloated old whale.

The numbers have crept up, along with my age,

It’s really enough to throw me into a rage.

Those numbers, I’m sure, are completely wrong,

For I ate really well, and excercised all winter long.

It can’t be the Thanksgiving pies, Christmas cookies or New Year’s cake,

It must be some kind of joke, or worse yet, a mistake.

It can’t be the creamy dark chocolate, bourbon whiskey or white wine,

All of which, I’m very certain, tasted quite fine.

I jogged and I walked many long hours on the treadmill,

So I can’t understand those rude scale numbers still.

I’ll just blame age and genetics for my wrinkles and pudge,

And pray for a miracle to make those numbers budge.

Written by: Mrs. V, April 18, 2008

Please do not use without permission from me.

That’s all!

Mrs. V

Eat a little? Eat a lot?

31 Mar

Several times throughout the school year we provide a lesson about healthy eating.  It was part of the lesson plans again last week, when we were talking about dental health.  I pass out picture cards with different foods (healthy foods and treats) and the students take turns coming up and putting them in the correct bucket.  One says eat a little, the other says eat a lot.  I like to think that it is a straightforward lesson, but of course, as usual my students have a lesson for me too.

Scene 1:

*Suzy comes up with her carrot picture card.

Teacher:  “Suzy has a picture of carrots.  Where should she put that card?”

Student A:  “In the eat a little bucket.”

Teacher:  “Oh, why?”  (I probably shouldn’t ask…) 

Student A:  “I hate carrots.”

Teacher:  “Okay, what if someone likes carrots, should they eat a lot, or a little?”

Student A:  “A little, carrots are yucky.”

Suzy: “A lot, since carrots are good for you.”

Give that Suzy a star. 

Scene 2:

*Johnny comes up with a picture card with soda (or pop, whatever…).

Teacher:  “Is this a healthy food for the eat a lot bucket or a treat for the eat a little bucket?”

Student B:  “You can’t eat pop, you drink it.”

Cut to teacher silently banging head on wall since it is FAR less painful. 

They truly are smart.  That I can appreciate.

Mrs. V

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  😀