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Monday Merriment

13 Apr


Classroom Conversation:

Teacher: “Please put on your jacket, so we can go on our field trip.”

Child: “I don’t have a jacket.”

Teacher (observing child’s short sleeves on this chilly spring day): “Really?  Let’s go check your cubby.”

Child: “Teacher, I don’t have a jacket, I have a coat.

Teacher subdues the urge to roll her eyes or bang her head, and chooses to giggle an internal giggle. 

I honestly did not see that one coming. 

Fire Station Field Trip:


I love the smell of testosterone in the morning.  Oh, did I just type that?  Oops…  I also meant to add “and in the afternoon.”  There that’s better.

The firefighters really were quite handsome very kind and helpful with my two groups of students.  The children loved visiting the station and being able to see where these community helpers eat, sleep, slide down fire poles and of course do their important work.  My students were allowed to touch things, climb through the firetrucks and see the firefighters in their turn-out gear.  Way cool.  Especially since these gorgeous generous men allowed me to ogle them bring both groups of my students to visit them today!  This means they gave the tour twice.  They are more than community helpers, they are community heroes.   They have my heartfelt thanks.

Jelly Bean High:


My lovely younger sister purchased jelly beans for me as a little Easter gift. These aren’t just any jelly beans but a product called Green Beans. I haven’t been able to have jelly beans for years, since I have a strong physical reaction to food dyes (Red #40, Yellows #5 and #6). Since I don’t particularly like having hives or swollen lips and eyes, I made the decision to go  food coloring free many years ago. I’ve been slowly discovering foods made with natural colors that I can eat. These “Green Beans” are the best. Fruit-flavored chewy heaven that is definitely worth the negative effects of a sugar high, without the unwanted excitement of an allergic reaction. 

I really enjoyed my Monday.

Mrs. V

Happy New Year!

30 Dec

Internal turmoil

Resolution hangovers

New Year’s nausea

 Mrs. V

Merry Christmas One and All

24 Dec

Wishing you and yours all the best this Christmas.

Please enjoy this video. It’s one of my favorite Christmas songs, because it makes me smile and think of my little preschoolers.

Merry Christmas!
Mrs. V

The opening picture is lovely, isn’t it?  Ha-ha!

Snowglobe of Life

10 Dec

Or maybe I should have titled my post “Snowstorm of Life.” I guess either one would have worked.

Little bits and pieces of my everyday life swirl around me, giving me just enough time to notice them before more snippets sweep up around me. The trick is remembering those little snippets, bits and pieces so I can write about them. Somehow I haven’t mastered that yet this school year.

I dream of having a few calm moments to collect my thoughts, without the earthquakes and snowstorms to throw me off balance.  I should know better.  I’m a wife, a mom,  a preschool teacher, and a perpetually disorganized person.  Off balance is my everyday normal life.

Christmastime at preschool is a blast, but it also borders on insanity.  We’re making gifts for parents (hand print magnets…very cute) and decorating the bags to wrap those gifts in (tissue paper on white lunch sacks).  We’ve been decorating our classroom, having a sing-a-long, and learning how to dress to play outside in our wintry playground.  We’ll be rolling, cutting and decorating sugar cookies, having our own Santa’s workshop, and our annual holiday party, complete with Reindeer Games.   Glitter, sprinkles, jingle bells, and cinnamon are ever present in my classroom.  The children love it, and display their holiday spirit with vim and vigor. 

One little snippet to share:  My little Bumble (who has made some great strides over the past couple of months) had just come to school and was going to put on his shoes after putting his outside clothes in his cubby, but stopped suddenly and exclaimed “Hey, how’d that glitter get in my shoes?” Hmm… I don’t think it could have possibly been any of the two tons of glitter he put on a Christmas tree project that had been in his backpack with his shoes, do you? I just told him that I find glitter in my shoes too. Which is true. I find it in my shoes, my pockets, my hair, my eyebrows.   There must be a bit of glitter flying around in my snowglobe.

I love Christmas.

Mrs. V

Because I have a strange sense of humor

23 Nov

Oh, I love Sesame Street, but I also love dark humor. And this cartoon hit my funny bone just right.

It’s sad, sick, and even downright disturbing. 

Does this change your opinion of me?

Mrs. V

Who is spending way too much time on the computer today, but my December newsletter and calendar are done!  Another reason to smile.

Edited 11-24-08 to add:  Please check out Life is Funny Wearing Purple Colored Glasses. I like it when I find people who have the same sense of humor as me! I love reading her blog, go and check it out!  I did not realize I had posted the same cartoon as she did, because I am so far behind in my blog readings.  That’ll teach me!