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A striking likeness

28 Sep

This picture of me was drawn by a budding portrait artist in my classroom.

What more can I say?

I am flattered.

Mrs. V

Hello Hedgie

25 Aug

Through my window blows a cooling breeze.

Outside I hear the rustling leaves.

I have things to do and places to be.

Projects to finish and people to see.

But I feel my summer slipping away,

As I anticipate the first school day.

Of course I’ll have new students to meet,

And my teacher friends I’ll want to greet.

So my ninth year begins with a favorite friend,

Who’ll be in my classroom until it ends.

Hello dear Hedgie. 

It’s so good to see you again.

Hedgie and Jan Brett’s book Hedgie’s Surprise will be the theme this year in my classroom.  Hedgie was my classroom theme in 2007. 

I think Hedgie is adorable.  Don’t you? 

Mrs. V


Small steps

14 Feb

The small steps of progress by the children in my classroom often bring me the greatest joy.  

~The child who has written the last letter of his/her name backward suddenly has it going the right direction.

~The child who cannot write his/her name, starts writing the first letter of that name on each piece of artwork.

~The child who asks me how to draw a person, and then draws his/her own person for the very first time.

~The child who has learned to zip his/her coat and chooses to share his/her enthusiasm with us.

~The children painting with letter shaped cookie cutters purposefully turning the cookie cutters so that the letters face the correct direction.

~The children who have avoided the art and writing tables because of fine motor difficulties are beginning to try the activities.

~The child who shows me that he/she knows how to read and/or write a few words that we’ve talked about in class.

~The child who comforts a classmate who is sad or hurt.

~The child who shares because he/she wants to, not because he/she was told to.

~The child who finishes the floor jigsaw puzzle by his/herself.

~The child who self-corrects and tries again while completing an activity, using a skill learned in class.

~The children who weren’t ready to talk to me are beginning to share a thought or two, a smile, and a small connection.

~The child who makes a gift for someone because he/she knows it will make that someone smile.

We are halfway through our preschool year and their small steps will walk us through the rest of our days together, when they’ll take the huge leap into kindergarten.  With each group of children I teach, I am always amazed by how much they learn and grow during the year they are at our preschool.

I “don’t sweat the small stuff.”  I rejoice in it.

Mrs. V

Peaking out over my sunglasses

18 Aug


It seems that summer is coming to an end.

However, I’ve made a brand new friend.

His smiling face brings me joy,

Since he reminds me of little girls and boys.

May I introduce to you my Little Mouse?

This year my classroom will be his house.


My theme for this year is The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear by Don and Audrey Wood. 

Isn’t he adorable?

Mrs. V

“Here’s my card”

11 May

I have a student I’ll call “Dimples.”  We had an interesting conversation last week. 

Dimples: “Here teacher, dis card is for you, I made it.”

Me: “What kind of card is it?”

Dimples: “It’s a dating card.”

Me: “Oh?”

Dimples: “Yeah, it says dat I’m gonna marry you dis summer.”

Me: “But Dimples, I’m already married to Mr. V.”

Dimples: “I know dat, I gave one to Princess too.”

This is the first proposal I have ever gotten in my 7 years of teaching.  **giggle**  I also think it’s great that Dimples has a back up plan.

Mrs. V