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The Dings in my Armour

23 Jan

I am by nature an optimist, a Pollyanna, a glass half-full sort of person.  My personality has always been my secure armour in this all too often cruel world. 

During the past few months that armour has taken some hard hits.  I almost think it is a life test to make sure that I really am an optimist.  That I’m not faking it or hiding my true feelings.

To be honest, I was beginning to doubt my own optimism. 

Then the other day a dear friend told me that I was amazing because I was still smiling and laughing, even when things weren’t so going so well and I wasn’t feeling my best.  It was a compliment worth thinking about, and I have indeed put some thought into it. 

I really do believe that it is okay to smile and laugh when things aren’t going so well.  In fact, it might help you feel a little bit better, and it may help those around you feel a little bit better too.

I like being an optimist. 

My armour might be dented, but it is still intact. 

And that gives me something to smile about.

Mrs. V  🙂

Do People Realize…

22 Sep

Floor is Lava[1]

…that preschoolers thought of this game first?

When we have our large motor play equipment out in our big room, such as our climber, balance beam or  bouncy bridge, the floor beneath the equipment becomes lava. 

Every year I watch preschoolers play this game, and  every year I am quite amused by their imagination. 

Where do they learn these things?  Did someone teach them this game?  Did they hear it and see it on a playground?  Did they figure it out for themselves?  The questions remain unanswered.

It just takes one child to mention it, and several will follow that child’s lead.

The lava is already flowing in our classroom. 

I better watch my feet.

Mrs. V

Ripped from the Headlines…

26 Feb

Bumble Legally Changes Name to Larry Boy

Bumble declares “You can’t do this to me!  I am Larry Boy!”  Teacher decides that she can and she will, so she did.  (Larry Boy of Veggie Tales declined to comment on the situation.)

Parents Shocked at Teacher’s Choices

Children are placed in parents’ vehicles sopping wet after teachers recklessly allow their students to splash repeatedly in giant mud puddles in play yard!  Teachers were seen laughing as children sat, slid and jumped in puddles.  What will they allow the children to do next?

Sharp Decline in Teacher Gifts is Expected this  School Year

Several issues, including several puddle incidents, may cause parents to reevaluate what funds may be available at the end of the school year to purchase teacher gifts.

Tinfoil:  This Season’s New Accessory

Traveling to outer space?  In need of a fashionable helmet, but short on cash?   Be budget wise and wrap that old construction helmet in tinfoil.  Strategically place NASA and flag stickers and you are ready to fly!  Don’t forget your goggles.

Conferences are Set for Mid-March

Teacher promises to be completely honest with all parents this year.   (Teacher respectfully declined to take a lie detector test.)

Play Dough! Toy or Snack?

Child tries a taste of play dough after witnessing a friend have a bit for a snack.  Child decides that play dough may make a better toy than snack and spits the bite into a kleenex. 

The Thinker’s Thoughts

The Thinker is currently still in discussion with teachers and is considering upgrading to The Talker.  The teachers are hopeful that talks are going in the right direction.

Classroom Noise Level Escalates

Teacher considers use of earplugs to block the noise created by the adults visiting and evaluating the classroom while she is trying to teach. 

Debate:  Should Velcro be Illegal?

After several irritating group sessions in which velcro was abused, the Teacher feels that velcro, especially on shoes, should be considered an illegal substance in the classroom setting.

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Good news…

14 Jul

After a month long painting spree…

I didn’t paint this weekend, not a single room inside my home. 

I filled my time with another activity.   I stained!  It’s not painting, it’s staining.  I should say “we” stained.  We: meaning our whole family.  Well, except for the cat.  I don’t think he would’ve been much help, and besides, the cat doesn’t accept cash, but the children willingly accepted payment.  So, we all stained the deck, the playset, the garden bench and the fence on Saturday and Sunday.  

While I was staining the fence all I could think of was “The Karate Kid.”  It’s all in the wrist you know. 

You’d think a weekend of staining would cure my attachment to the paintbrush and the thrill of painting.  It hasn’t.  I have plans to paint my foyer.  Just not this week.  My hand and wrist are too sore.

And a big thanks to a reader for her comment in my last post that brought me to this cartoon.

Mrs. V

Did I buy one of these?

17 Jun

Anybody want my writer’s block?  It’s really cramping my style. 

Mrs. V