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Being in Charge

28 Jan

Okay, I admit it.  I like being in charge. 

I’ve also been known to assert my authority once in awhile.  

“I’ll be the teacher, you be ‘Joey’.” 

This is my subtle reminder to those not so subtle children who make a habit of correcting others, and in the process annoying those children that they are attempting to correct.  

Usually it works.  


Until I had  a particularly bright child who finally decided to let me be in charge and finally allowed me to correct the children, but still felt the need to inform me of the many wrong doings that I was so obviously missing.

“Teacher Boss, Teacher Boss!  She is budging in line”

“Teacher Boss, Teacher Boss…”

Maybe I should’ve been insulted.  Instead I laughed. 

Hey, if the name fits…

I think that it fits quite well, actually. 

Only a Teacher Boss would use the line “Hey, don’t make me use my bossy voice” to a group of slightly out of control children to grab their attention, and have the children respond by sitting and listening.

A Teacher Boss knows when to use her bossy voice, and she can use it well.

I am Teacher Boss

I am in charge.

So don’t make me use my bossy voice. 

Mrs. V


What to do, what to do?

21 Sep


I’m thinking about Bumble.  If someone isn’t working with this child pretty consistently Bumble is a handful.  The baby talk and immature conversation skills are issues too.  This is also the first time Bumble has been in a group experience with children who are the same age.

On a very recent school day, Bumble decided to hide, and then run away from my assistant teacher.  This student repeated this behavior again at the end of the day when we were out in our play yard getting ready for dismissal.

On the next school day, Bumble refused to come to group time and chose to stand on the furniture yelling and banging on a shelf while I was trying to conduct group time.  (My assistant was in our other classroom setting up snack.)  You can’t approach Bumble because Bumble takes off running, and thinks it is a game.  The best I could do was try and ignore the behavior, and I’ll be honest it is pretty difficult to ignore that kind of noise.  The other children are also watching to see what you are going to do, and how you will react.  After the other children were lining up for snack this little one finally came over.  I continued to ignore Bumble, and addressed all the other children, praising them for doing what they were doing.  It wasn’t until Bumble sat on the rug and was quiet that I addressed my active student.

At the end of the day Bumble took off running, again, and hid in the play yard from mom, who was there to do pick Bumble up.  I know Bumble is looking for attention, and I try not to give too much to this student, but sometimes it is a safety issue.

I’m hoping we won’t have a repeat performance on Monday, but I have this sneaking suspicion that it will.  My assistant teacher and I will have time to talk out a plan, but I’m at a loss for ideas.  I need to keep control of the classroom and I can’t spend every minute keeping Bumble in check.

We shall see what happens. 

Don’t worry, I’ll remember that flyswatters are not an option, no matter how annoying the buzzing coming from Bumble is.

Mrs. V