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Do People Realize…

22 Sep

Floor is Lava[1]

…that preschoolers thought of this game first?

When we have our large motor play equipment out in our big room, such as our climber, balance beam or  bouncy bridge, the floor beneath the equipment becomes lava. 

Every year I watch preschoolers play this game, and  every year I am quite amused by their imagination. 

Where do they learn these things?  Did someone teach them this game?  Did they hear it and see it on a playground?  Did they figure it out for themselves?  The questions remain unanswered.

It just takes one child to mention it, and several will follow that child’s lead.

The lava is already flowing in our classroom. 

I better watch my feet.

Mrs. V

Which is it?

31 Mar

Duck, Duck, Goose?


Duck, Duck, Grey Duck?

Just a random question (now survey) that ran through my thoughts this evening as I was blog hopping.  Hubby and I grew up in different states (locations, but probably states of mind too) and have had this disagreement (friendly, of course) for 20+ years.  

What’s your preference?

Mrs. V (who seriously needs to not spend her entire spring break playing on the computer)