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The words in my brain

27 Mar

All day long my brain is filled with little snippets of ideas that I want to write about.  These thoughts flow in and out as quickly as I breathe.

If I were organized, I would write those bits and pieces down the moment they popped into my brain.  Then if I had the time, I would expand on those thoughts and write and write until the thought was an actual post.

Some people start rough drafts on their blogs and save them.  Not me.  I only write when I finally have a complete thought and the time to put it into the computer. 

I’ve always worked that way.

Even when I teach.

I always have an outline of what I want to teach and then I go with the flow.  I make up a poem or a song on the spot so that it fits the lesson that I am trying to teach.  All because of the words that float around in my brain.

I live in the moment, I guess.

At least I like to believe that I do.   Most people would say I save things for the last minute.

I do that too.

I have a lot of words I want to share, I just need to get them organized and put into complete thoughts.

Instead of waiting until the last minute.

Mrs. V


28 Jan

How do you transition?

Do you scream?  Do you yell?

Do you stomp off and cry?

Do you do what you’re told and don’t ask why?

Do you even try?

Do you come when you’re called?  Or do you hide?

Do you say something snide?

Do you keep it all bottled up inside?

Are  you helpful?  Are you thoughtful?

Are you mean or quite possibly awful?

Are you mad?  Are you sad?

Or does this all make you glad?

Are you bad?

Do you stop and think?  Or stare and blink?

Or is your excitement just on the brink?

Do you smile? 

Or do you frown for a while?

Do you cross your arms and glare with style?

Do you anticipate what’s coming up?

Or maybe you just want to give up?

Do you kick?  Do you hit?

Do you throw a fit?

Do you sit?

It’s a hard job as you can see,

To conduct the Preschool Transitioning Melody.

Mrs. V


7 Jun


The definition of closure (n.):  “bringing to an end; a conclusion.”

A few closures in my life:

1.  My daughter has her fifth grade recognition tomorrow.  This will bring her elementary education to a closure.  She moves onto middle school (grades 6-8) in the fall.  We’ve been a part of this elementary school since September 2001, and it has served us well.

2. We will have closure with the issues at the middle school, before Tuesday, June 9th.  They’ve already given my son closure, and that’s the most important part.  I just need closure as well, and I will get it.

3. The Monster Bug has been named.  We call him Goober, and he will soon be at home in our new office space.  So the search for the perfect name has come to a closure.

4.  The new office space was once the toy room.  The old office space will become the kids’ new game room.  I cannot wait for this project to come to a closure.  It is harder than I imagined.

5.  I have written my preschool thank you notes.  That act brings this past school year to a closure.

I miss my little friends.

After closures come new beginnings.  We’re at the beginning of summer, which will be the beginning of many projects, and the beginning of many fun (I hope) adventures. 

I don’t want to think about bringing summer to a closure just yet, because then I’d have to think about the beginning of another school year.

I’m ready to start enjoying summer with my children!

Mrs. V

Switching Gears

26 May


Summer break is finally here.  At least it is for me.  The school year wrapped up rather quickly, and I actually feel a little out of sorts.  I still have a couple of IEP meetings to attend, a staff party to enjoy, thank you notes to write and millions of sheets of paper to sort through.  So there are still some teacher duties that will need my attention for a little while.  However my summer list is screaming for my attention too.

Summer break brings a change in my routine and day to day duties.  It often leaves me spinning around in circles for a week or two.  I don’t know where or when to start, or which list of duties/chores/goals to start on.  I am highly disorganized in the summer months.

I like the routine of teaching, for the most part.  I don’t like the 5 a.m. wake up call, but everything else gives a sense of order to my life from late August to late May.  I know what is expected of me, and when it is expected of me.  I have specific goals to meet and a timeline to follow.

Now I am switching gears.  I have goals, but my summer timeline takes on a life of its own, and that is where I get into trouble.  I’ll blink and suddenly summer will be gone and the new school year will be starting.

I guess my main goal for the summer is to stick to a routine and check off the many things on my many lists, so when the school year returns I won’t be left wondering where my summer went. 

I want my summer to be more than a blur of sunscreen, ice cream and sleeping in.  Although, now that I’ve typed that, those things don’t sound too bad to me.

Happy Summer!

Mrs. V

Cat puke in my shoe

2 Feb

shoes[1]At the beginning of last week, my cat George hurled in a shoe that is from my current favorite pair. Not on, not next too, but actually in my shoe.  He’s always had a bit of a shoe fetish, and it’s my own fault for leaving it on the rug in the foyer, but he’s never done that before.   Hairballs are gross, but hairballs in my shoes are completely disgusting.

The rest of my week went downhill from there.  I won’t go into the gory details, it was just one of those weeks that I’d rather not dwell on.

The week ended well though, because  I’ve discovered the healing effects of Pilate’s and aqua-massage.  I’m going to like this health club membership thing. 

This week has started without any barfing in my shoes, since George has thankfully confined his gifts to other areas of the house.  I’m hoping this is an indication that life might return to normal.

My shoes will be fine.  Thank goodness. 

Mrs. V

cat puke in my shoe

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