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Look What Followed Me Home

20 May

Please can I keep it?  I will take care of it.  I promise to feed it and walk it everyday, and keep it out of trouble. 

Oh, I know where he’s been.  He’s been hanging out in the preschool lost and found for the last two weeks, unclaimed. 

He seemed so lonely when all the children went home and summer break began.  Somehow he got into my workbag and came home with me.

He’s a rare breed called a “Monster Bug.”  His fur is noticeably soft and his smile is contagious.  How could someone be so careless as to lose this poor little monster bug? 

I promise he’ll be safe under my watch.  I’m sure he’ll keep me company this summer.

What should I name him?  This big decision is making me buggy. 

Mrs. V

Spring Break

1 Apr


Spring Break, really?  The weather seems far from spring right now.  It’s cold and windy and there is a prediction (Dare I say it?) for a snowstorm on Saturday.  This week off really should be called “Late Winter Break” or “Maybe it’s Spring, but only if you’re lucky break” , but I prefer to think of it as the “Hey, I don’t have to get up at 5 a.m. break.”

The break from work also means a break in my routine, and my mind tends to wander.  A lot.  Here’s the evidence.

My Random Thoughts that occurred during Spring (ha-ha-ha) Break

1. I have 7 weeks of teaching left in this school year.  That’s it.  7 weeks.  Where did my school year go?  I love my students and 7 weeks is just not enough time to do what I want to do.

2. My two children have 9 weeks left in their school year.  That’s it.  9 weeks.  Thank goodness!  I’m so over 5th and 7th grade, the school system, the projects, the headaches, and the homework.

3.  Gasp!  My daughter has her 5th grade recognition in 8.5 weeks.  That means she’ll be a middle schooler in the fall.  Help!

4.  39 years old + Waterpark = Soreness for days.  I will never learn, will I?

5.  I like staying up late and sleeping in.  Oh, how I love sleeping in.

6.  Pedicures are a wonderful thing.  Why have I been denying myself this pleasure all these years?  Oh yeah, the cost thing.  But the flowers on my toes are so cute.  **sigh**

7.  When can I wear my sandals?  I want to show off my flowers on my toes.

8.  Newsletter, I need to write my April newsletter and make my April calendar for my students and their families.  Focus, I need to focus.

9.  You mean I have to get up at 5 a.m. and go back to work on Monday?  Will it be spring then?  Will I be able to wear my sandals to work?  I have these flowers on my toes…

10.  Routine, I need my routine.  I need my preschoolers.  And why is that dinosaur song still stuck in my head. Why?

11. Seven weeks. I’m going to cry that last day of school. I just know it. These are two outstanding groups of kids. How did I get so lucky this year?

12. I hate ending on odd numbers. It bothers me.

Mrs. V

Summer thoughts

25 Jun

School House

Without her small friends

Educator contemplates

Bittersweet summer

Mrs. V

A big thank you to  ~m over at Smoke and Mirrors for the haiku idea, and helping me move that writer’s block a little.

My brain is so full…

13 May

That things are starting to fall out of my ears. 

My end-of-the-school-year forgetfulness is in full swing, and this is not a good thing. 

My son has a t-shirt that says it all “May I be excused from class?  My brain is full.”

I need that t-shirt, if only to wear as an explanation for my increasingly erratic and disorganized behavior.  I can’t even organize my thoughts to write on my blog tonight.

Maybe tomorrow.

Mrs. V

Love and Hate

1 May

A little Love/Hate list for today’s post.

Love: My friends who shared a coffee/tea date with me today. Thanks for the pick-me-up.

Hate: Having to color my own hair. However, in the name of saving money, I have done it.

Love: The gal at Cost Cutters who cut my hair. Thanks for listening.

Hate: The clouds and rain. Just for today and tomorrow though.

Love: My new hair color. It’s different, but it’s good.

Hate: Road Construction. It’s messing with my life.

Love: My son’s 6th grade band concert. 200 students and they pulled it all together, beautifully.  I was very impressed. 

Hate: My forgetfulness.  Now where was I?

Love: Music.  My iPod made me stick to my excercise today.

Hate: Excercise.  Somedays it just feels like a necessary evil.  Today could’ve easily been one of those days.

Love: When people read my blog and comment on it.  Thank you!

Hate: That I’ve run out of things to say.

Mrs. V