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28 Jan

How do you transition?

Do you scream?  Do you yell?

Do you stomp off and cry?

Do you do what you’re told and don’t ask why?

Do you even try?

Do you come when you’re called?  Or do you hide?

Do you say something snide?

Do you keep it all bottled up inside?

Are  you helpful?  Are you thoughtful?

Are you mean or quite possibly awful?

Are you mad?  Are you sad?

Or does this all make you glad?

Are you bad?

Do you stop and think?  Or stare and blink?

Or is your excitement just on the brink?

Do you smile? 

Or do you frown for a while?

Do you cross your arms and glare with style?

Do you anticipate what’s coming up?

Or maybe you just want to give up?

Do you kick?  Do you hit?

Do you throw a fit?

Do you sit?

It’s a hard job as you can see,

To conduct the Preschool Transitioning Melody.

Mrs. V

Tah-rah-rah Boom-de-ay

25 Sep

Sing along with me and don’t tell me you don’t know the tune.

Tah-rah-rah Boom-de-ay!
I have a cold today,
My nosed is stuffed up tight,
I cough with all my might.

I took a class this week,
Information I don’t seek,
I have new forms to fill,
And that annoys me still.

A meeting at middle school,
His advisor is really cool,
Here’s to a good school year,
Enough to bring me cheer.

A dentist visit I did skip,
Wasn’t worth the trip,
I have to get there soon,
Or I’ll look like a goon.

My house is a big ol’ mess,
And a cause of lots of stress,
The piles will drive me mad,
And make my hubby sad.

My poor cat is sick,
and this is not a trick,
The vet bills pile high,
and make me want to cry.

The newsletter I did write,
with a deadline looming tight,
My energy did fade,
But plans have all been made.

This week I cut my hair,
Shorter than I dare,
It turned out really cute,
And it is blonde to boot.

I have more work to do,
Yes, I know it’s true,
But now it’s time for bed,
And I will rest my head.

Tah-rah-rah Boom-de-ay!
Tomorrow I will play,
With my little friends
My dears, this is the end!

Mrs. V
I tried to find the music to accompany my little song, but the internet was not helpful tonight. So if you do not know the song, well, take my word for it, it is a catchy tune.